Malone Family Portaits
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February 04, 2018
By Jill Hays Photography
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It seems most people do family portraits when their kids are little and then getting a family portrait gets put on the back burner as the kids get older and life gets overwhelmingly busy. Sometimes it takes a sick family member or just a little push from a grandparent who knows how important these images will some day be. Family portraits from the teen years will provide so much joy down the road and you'll be so glad to have these precious memories preserved.

The Malone family won my heart during this session. The spirit this family has is downright amazing, and very admirable. The love is palpable. Of course there was a good bit of teasing and a few pretty serious eye rolls (we are talking about three teenagers after all), but the kindness they showed each other was awesome. We took lots of family portraits, some sibling portraits, and some of the kids individually, but the entire family was determined to make sure we got a really good one to show their love and support to Jennifer's mom (who is fighting cancer). I'm truly honored to have gotten to work with this wonderful family.

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